We are not your typical marketing company, our team is dedicated to every client we have the honor of serving. We work for your business everyday, because your brands success is our brands success.

Web Development

Websites designed to be super powerful mobile accelerated business tools for a fraction of the cost.

Media Creation

From Ads to amazing marketing videos we make your brand POP with our unique and engaging designs. 

Page Management

Let our content managers help your social media get results with our ancillary management services.


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Startup businesses that we have helped launch since day one 

Websites Designed to Grow

Ready to take that next big leap? Starting a business is expensive and full of choices, Angry Forge Media wants to help you grow your new business the right way. We make marketing affordable so you can focus on selling! Fast and flexible for everyone. With superpowered syncing, flexible shipping and payment options and on-the-go mobile editing, you’ll love your store as much as your customers do. Just message us on Facebook or email info@angryforgemedia.com and a representative will be right with you.


2 Days

Avg Build

5 Weeks


2 Days

Try Our "3+1" Options For Your Brand Today

Each "3+1" can be used for social media post creation, or any listed instance of creation not to exceed the total number of instances for each month. "3+1" = 12 creation instances per month plus one branded marketing video we design. Creation on demand. All "3+1" products are referring to Facebook/Instagram posting. "Post for you" refers to letting our experts handle the posts and scheduling for your brand, no input needed: just tell us the job needed to be filled or product that needs to sell and we're on it.


per month + tax


12 creation instances monthly + 1 Marketing video (15 sec or less)

Custom branded & unique posts delivered directly to you.

Hiring Ads, products / services highlights, And engagement posts

Video and static posts

Researched or custom text copy + hashtags included

Message alerts

Premier discounted creation access and web discounts

Daily adjustments, no canned content

Creation on demand option


per month + tax


24 creation instances monthly +1 Marketing video (15 sec or less)

Same as standard

Advanced business marketing tips

"Post For You" option  (admin access required)

Page perfect social media page design / update

Facebook/Instagram cross posting (setup included)

Facebook cover video

Paid ad setup is extra

Creation on demand option


per month + tax


Add 1 additional social media network to your "3+1" series

Posts are reformatted to fit any platform you choose.



YouTube / Google Business





Website / Blog

We Love To Make Content

We understand that a growing business needs more than just a social media post and a fancy website to show off their brand. Let our designers assist you with creating many types of marketing tools to help grow your presence online and in person.  Any purchaser of a "3+1" or "3+1 Plus+" can trade in their post instances for creation instances. We make it open ended enough to get large marketing campaigns done quickly and seamlessly. a "3+1" gives you 12 to 24 instances of creation each month that can be used for our posts or any of the following "business documents" or "digital assets". If you with to have any digital asset or business document physically printed let us know the amount and your address and we will send over a quote. Videos (15 sec or less) and 1 page PDFs count as 3 instances per. Si hablamos español. We can print anything, from shirts to billboards. Let us know exactly what you need and we will find an amazing price just for your business. Printing is proudly done in Detroit Michigan. 

Business Documents
  • 1 Page PDF's
  • Flyers
  • Signs and Banners
  • Letter Head and Stock
  • Digital Brochures 
  • Product Mock-ups
  • Product Text Copy
  • Product Promotion Ads
Digital Assets
  • Bumper Video Ads (under 15 seconds)
  • Hiring Ads
  • Animated Graphics
  • Digital Voice Overs (Under 120 Characters)
  • Animated Character with Voice Over (under 15 sec)
  • Email Templates
  • Email Signatures
Most Common
  • Reformatting / Resizing
  • Marketing Video (30+ seconds)
  • Video Explainer 
  • Sales and Text Copy
  • Voice Overs (Over 120 Characters)
  • Add Music (Unique of Generated)
  • Animated Logo
  • Trim and Adjust
  • Product Photography
  • Motivational Content Pack

Content Samples

How we can help grow your socials

Not every business is the same and we believe your content should uniquely reflect your brand. All of our video, text copy, and ad content is custom designed by certified social media experts, created and branded to match your business by real graphic and video designers and not automated programs. 






Why Facebook Marketing Might Help My Business

We want to be a valuable contributing member of your team.

If we see an opportunity for your business to grow believe us,  you will know about it! We have experience in many different business sectors from medical staffing to real estate, and we can help you.







We have all the tools you will need to grow at an affordable price. Check out our newest products by Angry Forge Media. 

Are you a medical staffing agency looking to break away from the high monthly Kamana cost?

We can show you how your small medical staffing agency can use much less expensive systems and even build you a website that has an employment portal built directly into it. Contact us today at info@angryforgemedia.com or feel free to call 832.916.4446 during business hours or click the link. 


Content Creators




Virtual Assistants


Contact Managers

Are you looking for at-home staffing options?

A US based trained virtual workforce ready to become a new staff member for your growing business.

Virtual Assistants 

Content Creators

Contact Managers

Customer Service & Support

Telemarketers & Sales

Need coaching on the latest marketing techniques? 

We train the coaches so why pay the premium? Our focus has always been watching how online marketing evolves over time. We keep track of all the trends, programs, and methodologies that makes brands go viral. We can even help you publish your book or course physically or digitally. *NEW* We can create a custom branded training session for you and your staff.

Facebook Intro Class

Learn the value of LIVE, organic growth, building presence, the metaverse and you, and much more on the most used social media platform ever. 


Modern Marketing Method

The #1 way things are sold online: why pay 5 figures for something that everyone uses everyday? Let us design a custom learning experience for you. 


Overcoming Objections

We have over 2 decades training successful marketers the right techniques to get the results that pay the bills. We can help you and your staff. 


Business Acceleration 

Learn how to contract and network with mass vendors,  importers, foreign entities and even our own government. 


SEO Super Course 

Your customers and your competition will see you everywhere. This system covers all the latest and time tested hacks for your business to stand out.


Michelle R / Fashion Designer

I'm so thrilled with how my website looks. AFM did a great job capturing my work and displaying it so artistically , and I felt so comfortable working with them. Their social media management is second to none, I've never got this type of response before when I just posted normally. 

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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our social media management products and services like our "3+1". If you do not see the question you are looking for please feel free to email info@angryforgemedia.com or contact your account manager and let us know your particular question. 

What does the "3+1" Stand for?

Or "3+1" services refer to 3 instances per week for one month equaling 12 creation instances to be used in tangent with your normal posting. the 1 references one marketing video created for you each month (15sec or less) Fill out this form to let us know what platforms we will be managing.  https://form.jotform.com/13RED/social-media-selection-afm

Does your posting schedule ever change?

Scheduling changes depending on how your community responds to our posts. We watch the posts and ads everyday and can make course corrections daily weekly or anytime you feel it is necessary. 

How can I give you access to my account? 

You can message or email us anytime at info@angryforgemedia.com with your account information or we can send you instructions and even a secure form. 

Can you make stuff on demand?

We can create just about anything digital for your business from product mock-ups to hiring ads. Just tell us what you need and our team will get it done for you.